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Abstract Art

Nate Hodge

Air Date: 
Dec 18, 2015

On some level, all art is impermanent - materials break down, paint chips away and canvases tear, but that's not usually on the forefront of the mind of the average artist. Nate Hodge is different, the process he takes in painting is one of embracing change, even if it means painting over what would seem like a complete painting. Nate Hodge builds cities, tears them down and builds them again. Take a look and see for yourself as this artist lets us peek in on his process. Aired 12/18/15. 

St. Monci

Air Date: 
Apr 24, 2015

Abstract art is sometimes looked at as something only people deep inside the art world can understand. But local artist, St. Monci says maybe you don't need to try to understand it. Maybe you don't need to know why you like a piece of art; it's ok to just like it because you do. It's ok to not know why. St. Monci plays with shape, color and composition to focus on the fundamentals of art, to focus in on the basics in a very complex and abstract way. Aired 4/24/15.

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