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Dayhab Without Walls

Air Date: 
Dec 09, 2016

Tonight, lets learn about the Cobblestone Arts and Education Center's Dayhab Without Walls program. They're dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities by bringing them out into the community. Aired 12/9/16.

Andrea Durfee

Air Date: 
Mar 11, 2016

Ancient mythology, imagination and inner emotions are what inspire local artist Andrea Durfee. Painting is her way of working out everyday life. Let's spend a few minutes in her studio to learn more. Aired 3/11/16.

Nate Hodge

Air Date: 
Dec 18, 2015

On some level, all art is impermanent - materials break down, paint chips away and canvases tear, but that's not usually on the forefront of the mind of the average artist. Nate Hodge is different, the process he takes in painting is one of embracing change, even if it means painting over what would seem like a complete painting. Nate Hodge builds cities, tears them down and builds them again. Take a look and see for yourself as this artist lets us peek in on his process. Aired 12/18/15. 

Carl Peters Mural Project

Air Date: 
Oct 16, 2015

In the late 1930's and early 1940's the Federal government funded the Works Progress Administration or WPA. While the WPA mostly funded public construction projects, one of its initiatives was to fund the making of art. Carl Peters was a WPA artist who worked here in Rochester. The Memorial Art Gallery helped administer the art program here in Rochester. The Gallery funded muralist Carl Peters for a series of artworks, some of which are still on display in local school buildings.

David Haygood

Air Date: 
Sep 18, 2015

Let's meet David Haygood, artist and owner of Gallery One Fine Arts. David has had a long career in the art world and has had a big impact in the lives of numerous young people in the Rochester region. Let's visit him in his gallery to learn more. Aired 9/18/15. 

Cordell Cordaro

Air Date: 
Apr 17, 2015

If you've been in the arts community in Rochester, you've probably heard the name Cordell Cordaro. If not, here's your introduction. Cordell's style has been compared to Toulouse Letrec. His depictions especially of female figures bring up visions of fantasy and whimsy. But success as an artist isn't just about style. We sat down with Cordell to talk about creating community and the business of art. Aired 4/17/15.

Kurt Feuerherm

Air Date: 
Feb 27, 2015

Kurt Feuerherm is an established artist. His art is part of the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as well as right here at the Memorial Art Gallery. This painter, sculptor and educator is based in Rochester and has spent much of his career imparting knowledge, technique and inspiration to countless students. 

This video was produced by Ben Gonyo of Fish & Crown Creative as part of the annual Makers and Mentors exhibit at the Rochester Contemporary Arts Center. Aired 2/27/15.

Steve Carpenter

Air Date: 
Feb 20, 2015

After more than 30 years in Europe, Steve Carpenter now calls Rochester home. His career has taken him across the globe. His patrons have included European royalty and his work has been shown on nearly every continent. Carpenter is well known in Rochester, and his Village Gate mural recently earned him even more attention. Let's sit down with him and learn more.

Robert Marx

Air Date: 
Feb 20, 2015

From 'visual feast' to 'visual shorthand.' That's how Rochester artist Robert Marx refers to his own style.  Marx draws, paints and sculpts, depicting every day life and the struggles of the human condition through an often abstract style. His work is displayed in some of the best art museums in the country. Let's sit down with him for a moment and take a peek inside his process. Produced by Ben Gonyo, Fish & Crown Creative. Aired 2/20/15.


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