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Hitch & Cord

You'd be wrong if you thought macrame was more craft than fine art. Just look at the detail and creativity that goes into one of Hitch + Cord's decorative wall hangings!

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Aweful Kanawful

Austin Lake is a 24 year-old musician from Rochester, New York. His alter-ego is Aweful Kanawful, a musical virtuoso backed by his Rubber Husband’s Band.

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Small Fry Art Studio

Perched above the Public Market is an art studio dedicated to inspiring the youngest among us. Whether it's a Saturday morning market day or one of their weekday classes, Small Fry Art Studio is teeming with joy as kids as young as eighteen months paint and draw and explore their creativity. 

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Laural Hartmann

As we know with art, there's generally a deeper meaning behind a painting, drawing or sculpture. Recently, Rochester artist Laural Hartmann invited WXXI's Need to Know into her studio to learn more about the significance of her work. 

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RMSC Diorama

The Rochester Museum & Science Center is home to numerous fascinating exhibits. One of them, a diorama of Rochester in 1838, was in desperate need of repair. Luckily, the talented staff at the museum have tirelessly restored this historic gem.

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Spencer Christiano

The Vietnam War touches so many lives. Here in Rochester, playwright, Spencer Christiano has written a play that conveys's he and his families experience losing a loved one during the war. We were lucky to catch a performance of M.I.A. at MuCCC Theatre. Aired 9/15/17. 

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Mandi Antonucci

Local artist, Mandi Antonucci, spends countless hours meticulously drawing every piece of art she works on. Using colored pencils as her preferred medium, she is able to create vivid images that practically jump off the page. Take a look. Aired 9/8/17.

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Andy Nahas

Music has a way of reaching the seemingly unreachable. There's plenty of evidence that proves how powerful music can be for people suffering from Alzheimers and dementia. And it can brighten the day of just about anyone who is feeling down.

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More Fire Glass Studio

Local glass art studio, More Fire, creates works that are featured in magazines and adorn homes across the globe. Artists, Elizabeth Lyons and Jen Schinzing, work hard in their fiery studio to create these beautiful works. Aired 8/11/17. 

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Margery Pearl Gurnett

Local artist, Margery Pearl Gurnett, has worked in glass for many years. But it wasn't until she discovered mixed media collagge and resin that she truly found a passion for storytelling and abstraction. We visited her in her studio to learn more. Aired 8/4/17.

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Virginia & Jordan

When you read, do the words come to life in your head? Do you see the scenes unfolding in your imagination? Well, when a local painter read the work of a local poet, that's exactly what happened. Artist, Virginia McDonald painted her vivid interpretations of the words of a local poet, J.

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Brittany Williams

The past two years have been a whirlwind for local artist, Brittany Williams. From Wall\Therapy in 2015 to showing work in Berlin to her first solo show, she's worked to find her voice and perfect her style.

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Jason Tennant

Local artist, Jason Tennant, connects with nature in a way that's almost spiritual. He spends his free time at his remote cabin in the woods. He forages, not just for the elusive morel or chantrel, but for American Chestnut, most of which was cut down nearly 100 years ago.

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Brian Manning

Brian Manning's paintings depict a deep connection with nature. Local filmmaker, Cat Ashworth, captured his passion in a short film that premiered at the recent Fast Forward Film Festival. Take a look. Aired 7/7/17.

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How do you think animations are made? These days they're probably made with a computer, right? Well, for the most part you're right, but right here in Rochester is Animatus Workshop, an animation studio that's committed to old school techniques. They draw their animations by hand, cell by cell...Learn More>>

St. Michaels Woodshop

From ancient Egypt to modern times, the skill and art of woodworking continues to hold a place in society. And as WXXI's Need to Know recently learned, if anything it's a craft with benefits that might far outweigh what you might expect.

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David Cowles & Maria Friske

Local artists, David Cowles and Maria Friske, have collaborated for over two decades. They started out working together as illustrators for the Democrat & Chronicle and have been thick as thieves ever since.

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Adrian Esposito

Local filmmaker, Adrian Esposito, may be young, but he has already made many films, often about social issues. Having Aspergers himself has made him passionate about telling stories about people with disabilities.

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Katie Jo Suddaby

Artwork is something most of us would want to preserve. Well, as a lesson in impermanence, sand mandalas are created to be destroyed. Let's visit with local sand mandala artist, Katie Jo, to learn more. Aired 2/10/17

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Ventures PROS

Rochester Rehab's program, Ventures PROS, works with people who are living with and often battling mental illness. It identifies an individual's goal - such as joining the workforce or going to back to school - and then works to make that goal a reality.

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Arleen Thaler

Some of the most vulnerable and neglected people in our region, have found an ally and a friend in Rochester photographer Arleen Thaler.

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Todd Stahl

Art teacher, Todd Stahl, believes in the power of art. Every day he works to further art and art education in the Webster School District. By treating his students as equals he empowers them to believe in their art and to have high expectations. Let's take a look into his classroom to see how....Learn More>>

Made On State

When local developer, Craig Webster, acquired the building at 510 State Street, he knew he wanted to do something a little different. When local artists Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle of Airigami became part of the conversation, that's when the project took off.

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Dayhab Without Walls

Tonight, lets learn about the Cobblestone Arts and Education Center's Dayhab Without Walls program. They're dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities by bringing them out into the community. Aired 12/9/16.

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Nancy Gong

When you think of glass art you probably think of stained glass, leaded glass and blown glass, right? Ever heard of architectural glass? Local artist, Nancy Gong, has been diving deep into architectural glass techniques.

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Nicolas H. Ruth

Printmaking is an often misunderstood artform. It's often categorized more closely with mass production than it is with one-of-a-kind works of art.

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Artists Unlimited

It's unfortunate, but there's a common assumption in our society that if you're living with a disability, you can't be artistic, you can't contribute and you can't possibly be creative. Well, these assumptions couldn't be further from the truth.

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Main Street Arts

We've seen how art making can often be a solitary process. But we've also learned that collaboration can yield some incredible results. Well, the Main Street Arts Gallery in Clifton Springs, NY has paired up furniture makers with ceramic artists and the results are stunning.

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WXXI names Teej Jenkins as host of Arts In Focus, a television series that celebrates arts and culture in Rochester, NY and beyond.

Teej has a degree in Communication and Media Arts from Monroe Community College and 17 years of television experience at WXXI Public Broadcasting Council. She is currently Manager/Producer and liaison to the City of Rochester government access channel City 12, programmed at WXXI. Teej is also the director of the City of Rochester television series CityWise.   

Arts In Focus airs on WXXI Friday nights at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 6:30pm. It also on City 12 Sunday nights at 7pm. 


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